Among Gods tips for beginners

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Among Gods is a fantasy adventure role-playing game that requires players to lead their squad to fight evil forces. The game features more than 100 legendary heroes, comes with exquisite 3D graphics, full and detailed display design.

Among Gods . Fantasy Adventure RPG
Among Gods . Fantasy Adventure RPG

Players can collect 100 more heroes and evolve them to take over different powers. Gather a squad of 5 heroes to take down your enemies in PvP battle arenas, story campaigns, crusades, Stonehenge, Nightmare Challenge, and more.

In this article, let’s learn the tips to know when playing Among Gods, helping gamers assemble the strongest team, ensuring victory in every battle.

Among Gods tips for beginners

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Focus on heroes

The game includes chapters dealing with various evil forces and new locations. The evil forces will also have some monsters like Bloody Mary, Gilles de rais,… To fight them, gamers need to have more powerful heroes by their side. Warrior, Defender, Mage,… are essential roles to form a perfect team.

Summon as many heroes as possible as it will definitely reward the player with one of the best heroes. This will help improve your army and easily fight against the toughest villains.

On the homepage, visit Tavern to summon and recruit heroes. After recruiting, go to the heroes section and level them up. Not only that, everyone also needs to upgrade their equipment, in order to improve their powers and abilities.

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Use Hero EXP Boost points on heroes and upgrade them. This will help to enhance the player’s abilities and skills, thereby giving a huge advantage on the battlefield.

Proficient use of heroes

Among the gods there are many heroes with special powers and abilities. Beginners can get confused in choosing the best army for them. Therefore, the game has classified the heroes into different classes so that the player can distinguish between and form the best army.

Players can also add equipment to the hero through the gear section present on the right side of the screen. Equipment is important because heroes have an extra layer of protection when fighting. The game features more than 100 heroes with different abilities divided into 4 classes. These heroes are further classified into 5 groups as:

  • Justice
  • Neutral
  • Evil
  • Holy
  • Corrupt

These categories divide and describe heroes according to their abilities and backgrounds. The player must choose 3 heroes of the same type because it will increase the strength of the army and increase the chances of victory. At first, beginners can only play with 5 heroes, later they can upgrade and increase the number of troops to 9 heroes.

Collect rewards

The game has a lot of hidden rewards for players to collect. These include mana, gold, diamonds, hero EXP, boosts, armor, and more. These bonuses can be used to equip and level up team members.

Players can claim them by going to battle, hitting the vault, participating in events, signing up for gifts, reading hero stories, completing quests, visiting shops, and more.

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Choose the strongest hero

Gamers will have many different sets of heroes in the squad such as Priest, Warrior, Mage, Defender,… While fighting, put each of those roles in appropriate positions to maximize their abilities. . In addition, place the sword and magic warriors in the front, the ranged heroes in the back to hit the enemy accurately and most effectively.

Activate the skill combo

Skill combos can be used in battle to increase the probability of victory. These combos can be successfully activated by deploying a team to battles containing heroes of the same role, and activating this will increase the team’s attributes.

Deploying 3 heroes with Justice as the main role will increase all ally’s attributes by 10%, such as attack power and health.

Deploying 4 heroes will increase the ally’s attributes by 12% and this number will increase to 14% if there are 5 heroes.

So, as such, players can improve the team’s stats by successfully activating skill combos. Therefore, when deploying heroes into battle, pay more attention to building successful combos, which will be a significant help in teamfights.

Some more tips

Choose your army wisely

The player must consider the heroes he has collected. Adding the most powerful and upgraded heroes has better results. Try to add 3 heroes of the same type, both increasing the strength of the team and increasing the chances of winning.

Accomplish missions and goals

Complete the main objectives and quests as soon as possible. This can help gamers earn useful rewards in other aspects of the game.

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Level up whenever possible

Players must also level up themselves as this will help unlock many other features and content in the game, which in turn will result in better combat.

Among Gods is a very cool, fresh strategy game, with tons of attractive features that players love. The game has more than 100 heroes with different abilities and skills.

During the game, earn as much currency and Hero EXP Boost points as possible to enhance your squad. Build the ultimate army and powerful warriors to destroy the entire evil, evil force.

In addition, completing the chapters of the campaign mode, completing daily quests and side quests will help to reach great heights in Among Gods.

Hero Summon

Summon as many heroes as possible, as this will surely give players a multitude of the strongest and rarest heroes of Among Us. Summoning heroes will also help gamers improve their army and easily fight against the toughest villains as they progress in the game.

Upgrade existing heroes

To upgrade heroes, players need to use hero experience points for characters, to increase their strength and combat ability. This especially gives an advantage on the fierce battlefield, when the enemy is getting stronger and improving the character’s skills will play an important role in victory.

Overall upgrade

Players also have to level up themselves overall. This will help unlock many other features in the game that will yield better results.

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