Age of Apes . monkey tribe building strategies

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Age of Apes is a competitive strategy game that requires players to assemble Apekinds to fend off mutant enemies. The player’s task is to build outposts, occupy buildings to increase the fighting force, develop the tribe and become the leader. To make this goal easier, let’s refer to the tribe-building strategies in Age of Apes.

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Using a spectrophotometer

Chapter 5 leads the player to a Spectrometer – a spectrometer. This instrument is man-made and can detect radiation levels. The spectrometer keeps apes safe from radiation within a 5km radius. Upgrade your tools and increase your yard’s capacity using the Spectrum Chip.

Stop the gorilla

Tons of gorillas gather in the buildings to attack the civilian monkeys, always angry and seriously threatening the city. Gamers need to fight them and help the civilian monkeys to survive.

Destroy the gorilla’s lair to stock up on supplies and win the rescue team’s loyalty to the apes army. Rubble Mutant roams the ruins and raids civilian monkeys. Everyone needs to defeat them before they ravage the city.

Understand the role of buildings in the city

One of the main quests includes taking over buildings. When a building has 3 white dots, people can connect 3 roads at the same time. Shooter Building attacks all intruding enemies within range but cannot connect paths to attack. Wall Breaker deals double damage to enemy buildings.

Set up a base in the abandoned Town Hall and gather enough iron to build these buildings. Fortify defensive walls to keep territory protected from mutants.

These will be demolished when an area is cleared for safety. Build Health Stations to treat monkeys injured from battles. Use speed boosters to grow your tribe faster.

Resource gathering

The main resources include food and iron, obtained after completing quests in Chapters. Collect iron from debris and tins located around the city grounds and when completing quests. Iron Pile is a resource building that can provide additional materials.

City Hall stores and supplies food for soldiers, as well as survivors. So, don’t forget to upgrade the Town Hall as soon as possible to expand the item storage.

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