Ace Racer: A guide to activating racing car abilities

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Ace Racer is a racing game from NetEase Games with beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay. The game has a lot of real supercar models on the market for gamers to experience.

In addition, Ace Racer is quite different from other racing games, allowing players to race in teams to win. While participating in the races, there are many controls that gamers need to perform such as Nitro, Turbo, Drift and Special Ultimate.

Racing game with real supercars of NetEase - Ace Racer
Racing game with real supercars of NetEase – Ace Racer

In this case, the most important and unique thing is to do Special Ultimate as each vehicle has a different ability. In this guide, let’s find out all the ability, function of racing cars in Ace Racerthen know how to take advantage of them to win the race.

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Race car capabilities in Ace Racer


In each car there is a nitro tank that the player can use when the nitro bar is fully charged. When using it, the car will accelerate very quickly and especially in Super Nitro. To activate nitro, gamers need to perform drift technique until the nitro bar is full.

Nitro is great to use when traveling in a straight line because the player doesn’t have to do drift moves that make the car go slower. In addition, it is also useful when you want to stop drift, so when coming and going around a bend, using nitro can help the car stop drifting.

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Besides Nitro, there are Turbo with functions that provide boost and acceleration, but only for short periods of time. Turbo’s main function is to activate Super Turbo when it is purple. To activate Turbothe player needs to drift for 1.1 seconds in any direction, then release and drift immediately but in the opposite direction, for example start to turn left, then release the drift and drift back to the right.

Afterward, Super Turbo will activate as well Super Nitro when the nitro bar is full. Maximize Turbo because it is very easy to activate compared to nitro. Keep practicing on the tracks or in custom mode, that way everyone will easily win the match.

Special Ultimate

Ultimate is a unique ability that each vehicle has and they work in different ways. Special Ultimate is very important when playing Ace Racer because it can change the game, especially when playing in team mode. Here are some Special Ultimate Best for both team play and solo play.

Special Ultimate Function
Scrambler It can accelerate and create turbulence to enemy vehicles that are around the player’s vehicle.
Motoracer Helps the car to accelerate very quickly, especially useful when traveling on a straight road. However, any collision in the final will result in an immediate end.
Meteor Sprint When playing on a map with many straight lines like Su Causeway, Jiangnan, Village, … it is very useful because it has the ability to accelerate continuously without stopping before drift or collision occurs.
Slicer With the ability to accelerate in autopilot mode, when cornering a lot, gamers can activate it without slowing down.
Phantom Flash This ultimate can accelerate and flash forward when a collision occurs. This is especially good when playing on a difficult track like lots of corners.
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