About us

Welcome to Orisgames.com, where gaming enthusiasts unite! I am Oris, the founder of this blog, and I’m excited to share my passion for gaming with all of you.

Growing up, I was often criticized for being labeled a “game addict,” and my parents didn’t encourage my love for gaming. However, my passion for both programming and gaming drove me to challenge the prevailing mindset surrounding games.

I started small, collecting game codes and sharing them on social media platforms and leading gaming forums. The positive feedback I received inspired me to create my own blog. With an insatiable passion, I explore various genres of games, from thrilling adventures to action-packed battles, immersive role-playing experiences, and competitive sports games.

My mission is to transform the way people perceive gaming. I firmly believe that gaming is not inherently negative but rather a discipline that can help students, learners, and players develop a wide range of skills. Of course, responsible gaming is essential, avoiding addiction and dependency.

At Orisgames.com, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey. Explore our website, where you’ll find valuable game codes, unlock exciting bonuses, and immerse yourself in captivating gaming experiences. Together, let’s embrace the positive aspects of gaming and discover the limitless possibilities it offers.

Stay tuned for regularly updated content as I guide you through the fascinating world of gaming. Thank you for being a part of Orisgames.com, and let’s embark on this adventure together!